Reflexology for Fertility

When you’re trying for a baby either naturally, or with the support of assisted conception programmes such as IVF, ICSI etc., there’s no doubt it can be an incredibly stressful and often emotional time. Women trying to conceive are more likely to experience heightened anxiety or depression than women in general, which only increases as time goes on ( One study has even show that these stress levels can be equivalent to women with cancer, AIDS or heart disease ( These feelings are real and valid.

How might reflexology help?

First and foremost, there is a growing bank of evidence to show how reflexology can supportive of relaxation, improved mood, improved sleep, tension relief and general wellbeing – all things which can be negatively impacted when we’re feeling stressed, anxious and depressed. As explained in my blog post, stress can have a huge impact on our body, including on our hormones and reproductive system. In this context, we can begin to see the potential benefits of a reflexology session.

My approach

Having been through fertility challenges myself, including 4 rounds of IVF, I was very clear before I trained in fertility reflexology that I wanted to create a service whereby clients could feel understood, supported and nurtured, whatever stage they are at on their conception journey. I therefore offer numerous options to support you, ranging from tailored reflexology sessions focussing on stress reduction and hormonal balancing, through to sessions combining emotional support with reflexology, as well as a deeper, much more focussed approach using ‘Reproflexology’ protocols (see below). My approach aims to be as unique as you and your needs.

First Steps

Taking those first steps when you need some support are always the hardest, so I aim to make this experience as comfortable as possible. With this in mind, I’d suggest if you’d like to consider working with me but are unsure, that we start with an initial health and wellbeing consultation and a one hour foot reflexology session – we can then take it from there. You need to feel comfortable that I’m the right therapist for you and have time to assess and process which approach feels right for you at this time.

What is ‘Reproflexology’?

As mentioned above, I do offer a unique method of fertility reflexology involves the use of a series of specific protocols for pre-conceptual care for both men and women, also incorporating protocols for underlying reproductive conditions which could impact on male and female fertility if required (e.g. PCOS, endometriosis etc.). The award winning protocols have been pioneered by Barbara Scott, author of ‘Reflexology for Fertility’. I’m the only practitioner trained in this method in Northamptonshire and am a full member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists. I’m able to work with individuals and couples trying to conceive naturally, as well as those undertaking the Assisted Conception route (e.g. working alongside medicated cycles such as IUI, IVF, ICSI etc.). Where appropriate, I build these protocols and practices into all my sessions with fertility clients.

Why is this approach different?It’s important to say that this approach isn’t simply a series of reflexology sessions working on the reproductive reflexes of your feet. If you decide to work more intensively with me, the approach starts with a holistic ‘deep dive’ into your reproductive and fertility health (ideally as a couple), via a detailed questionnaire & consultation, ensuring that no stone has been left unturned. We’ll spend 1.5 hours together (at your home if you prefer) at the start of our work together understanding your fertility health and wellbeing, reviewing test results and understanding your GP/consultant’s approach/recommendations in depth. All this information will then enable me to recommend the most appropriate first steps, completely bespoke to you and your circumstances. The appointments that follow are then tailored to your individual needs, using specific protocols for the exact stage of your menstrual cycle/medicated treatment cycle and/or any reproductive conditions. As a Fertile Body Method Practitioner I’m also able to support you with your emotional wellbeing if this is something you’d like to explore further as part of your wider wellbeing at this challenging time.

As mentioned earlier, I offer a flexible range of options as I appreciate this more intensive approach may not initially appeal, which I totally understand and which is why I always suggest coming along to meet me for an Initial Health & Wellbeing Consultation followed by a Foot Reflexology treatment and we can go from there. I will offer my professional recommendations, but will be totally guided by you – this is your journey.

After the initial consultation, we’ll develop a plan for a programme of treatments. As an example, this can often start with a course of weekly treatments for 6-8 weeks which helps us to establish a baseline, following which we move on to a maintenance programme.

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